Finding the Right Family for You

Finding the right family for you and what you would like to experience when you Aupair is so, so important. If you speak to any Aupair that had a bad experience, most of the time you will see that it was not the kids that were the problem but the family or living situation. For some Aupair’s, having every weekend off is important to them or using the car; having their own space and bathroom. You get the point.

What is important is that you need to know what you want but also need to be willing to compromise on it. Do you research on the area before you say yes. If you are a party girl and the family live in the middle of nowhere where you can’t party or dance, that may be a deal-breaker for you. At the end of the day, know what you want and what you are able to compromise on.

Here are some questions that you should consider asking the family to make sure that this will be a good match for you and them.


  1. What do mom and dad do for a living?
  2. Where do you work and what are your work hours?
  3. Would you say that you are a close family?
  4. What do you  like to do together as a family?
  5. How do you spend your weekends/off time?
  6. What are your interests & hobbies?
  7. Do you like to travel?
  8. Do you want me to travel with your family?
  9. What is the families like in your town?
  10. How would you describe your surrounding environment in your home?
  11. Do you want your au pair to be included in family events for example holidays?
  12. What’s your daily schedule like?
  13. am I required to pay for my own gas when I am not using the car for the kids?


  1. Do I need to cook for the kids/family?
  2. What are your expectations during mealtime?
  3. Will I have a curfew?
  4. Can I spend free time away from your home?
  5. Will I have access to the internet in the house and in my room?
  6. What are the rules for using the internet?
  7. How is my room furnished?
  8. Do I need to bring my own bedding and/or towels?
  9. What transportation will I be using?
  10. Will I be using public transportation?
  11. How will I take the kids to school/daycare etc?
  12. How far away from your house is the grocery store/ school/ bus stations/ train stations?
  13. What activities are available in your area?
  14. Are there parks/ playgrounds etc. in your area?
  15. What types of household chores does everyone do?

I hope this list of questions help you find a family that is perfect for you. If you have any other questions, remember that you are able to contact me at any time on all my social media!

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