My name is Michelle and I am the founder of weirdlifeofanaupair! I first started to Aupair in New York, where I spent 2 years there. The day I left, I felt like I was leaving my home and going to a new country. WILD.

Seeing as I wanted to continue to travel more and see the world, as I just wasn’t done with it yet. In 2017, I jumped on a plane to The Netherlands where I was an Aupair for a year and I decided I was not done with New York yet and went back in 2018.

Deciding to start this blog was easy. People kept asking me the same questions or asking whether something was right or not. Instead of just telling the one person, because we know there’s always peple who are going to ask the same thing. It made sense to have a blog for people to refer back to. I also want to educate both Aupair’s and Host parents about life situations you could face as well as the fun things of the Aupair journey.

So, welcome! I hope you enjoy my blog and please remember that I am always here for questions!

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