FAQ: Going from a J-1 to F-1

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Since my previous blog, I have gotten frequently asked questions that I did not answer in that blog, so today I will be trying to answer them! Please remember that every college is different and every state is different. I will be doing more posts as I get more information or if the information changes. My goal is to help people who want to change their status but cannot afford a lawyer. I would also like to state that this should not be the primary reason to why you come to Aupair. I am not encouraging anyone to come here just to change their status BUT I am here to provide you with information if you so choose to.

Can I work while studying?

The only work you are legally allowed to do is on your school campus. Your F-1 visa is only to study full time and work on your school campus for 20 hours per week. You cannot legally work with your host family or any other family.

Do I need a lawyer to do the process?

No, you do not. Most schools do recommend you using a lawyer as legally they cannot help you fill in the paperwork. I am however proof that you do not need a lawyer. I did not use one and I got my visa just fine!

Do you need to take the SAT’s?

Every school is different. The school that I initially applied to wanted me to have taken my SAT’s but the college I ended up at did not. What is also important to note, is that at my college the SAT’s that I took helped me with my placement at the school. Generally, you need to take a placement test to determine where you would be placed in English and Maths but with my scores, it placed me immediately.

Do you need to get your matric certificate/ high school diploma evaluated?

This yet again depends on your college. I personally did not and I am not sure how it works but I do know that you need to pay a lot to get it done which kind of sucks in my opinion. One of my friends paid about $300 for it.

Do I go for an interview at the embassy like I did for my J-1?

No, you do not. You send in your paperwork and pray you to get someone who is nice to approve of you. I am not joking. Pray bro.

Are you allowed to study while your visa is getting approved?

This also depends on your college. I was able to but opted out to just waiting to get my paperwork. This can help you as you can get a headstart on your studying.

Can I study part-time?

No. You have to be taking a minimum of 12 credits per semester. You are only allowed to take ONE class online and the rest has to be in person. This is very important to note. You are here on an F-1 and that requires you to study FULL TIME. 

Can I travel to and from my country while I am studying?

The short answer is yes, but naturally, like everything else. It is a little more complicated. You are able to go back home to visit but then you do have to apply at the embassy for an interview to get your visa in your passport. This is quite frustrating as I have only heard of girls getting rejected. It is basically the whole process all over again. So my suggestion is to do your schooling and then go home or get your family to visit you if possible. It is not the ideal situation so you would have to weigh out the pros and cons of the entire situation, unfortunately.

Who is paying for your studies?

This is a conversation you need to have with whoever is sponsoring you. I am personally paying for my own studies as I do not want to have anything being held over my head. This obviously is very dependent on your sponsor and what you want.

How long should I apply before my visa ends?

Changing your visa can take from 2-12 months, sometimes longer to get, so you should apply for a change of status as soon as you are able to. I applied right as my second year started so I would have 12 months for my visa to be approved. I did get it in 3 months which is great but that is considered VERY quick so you have to take that into account.

Like I said in the beginning, I will be posting more of these as I get more questions as well as changing the answers if they change! If you have any further questions, please email me or send me a DM on Instagram!

Read more about how I changed my status here.

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6 thoughts on “FAQ: Going from a J-1 to F-1

    1. Hi Paige, I did not take out a loan. I saved my butt off while I was au pairing and then used that to pay for school. I then got scholarships that pay for a good chunck of my tuition. I also work on campus, which pays for school.

  1. Hey im still on my first year of Aupair and 6 months away from extension. I would like to study full time at a college and my host family was kind of open to hosting me and ofcourse staying with them id still work with them as their nanny . they have 3 kids . 13, 7 , 9 months . both parents work full time .that will mean ill have to take night classes and more online classes. Would you advice to study while on the j1 visa then switch after the extension? Any suggestions for student funding ? And can one stay in US still after studying with a f1 visa?

    1. Hi there, you cannot take more than 1 class online if you are on an F-1 visa. At the end of the day, if you are on an F-1 visa, you cannot legally work for the family. If you still want to help out, I recommend you sitting down with them and work out a schedule that works for both of you.

  2. Since you are paying for your self what proof did you provide to the college that you’d be able to pay? Sid you have to have a lot of money in your bank account?

    1. Hi there, you are not allowed to sponsor yourself and you have to have a sponsor that is responsible for you. This is due to the fact that you cannot work while studying and therefore will not have an income. You are able to actually have a job on campus but only for 20 hours a week. I hope this helps.

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