We started a Podcast!

cartoon image of Michelle and Kim who have started the podcast

After a lot of questions on when I would start a podcast from so many different people, I finally caved and started one. My friend Kim actually asked me to start it with her and since everyone and their mother wanted me to do it, I said hell yes!!

The podcast is going to coincide with the blog posts that I have here but also will be a little less formal and more about stories that both Kim and I have as well as people who come on the podcast. At some point, I would also love it if we had host parents on here as it would be interesting in my opinion to see what they look for as well as what made them want an AuPair. If it’s uncomfortable to have one and what they expect from an AuPair.

With everyone listening to podcasts, it really is the perfect thing to get our voices out there. Also if you want a laugh and want to not feel alone in this world, that’ll be so useful for you as well!

I am super excited to be doing this with Kim. Her and I have been friends since 2016 when we met in New York as AuPairs. We are both living in the states now. Kim got married and lives in Philly. I will officially be here on a student visa next month, which is SUPER exciting! So why don’t you go and listen to the podcast and give us your feedback. We would appreciate it so much! If you would like to be on our podcast or have a story/ question that you would like to ask us (we don’t have to share your name) please contact us via email or Instagram and we will get back to you!

You can check out the podcast here. It will be on Apple podcast soon!

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