Aupair Conversations With Charlie

Aupair Conversations!! Today we have my best friend Charlie talking about her second Aupair experience. Charlie and I first met in 2015/2016 via a Facebook group (yes, they do work 😉 ) and have been friends ever since. Her love for Harry Potter and weird stuff has to lead me to keep her around! 😉

Tell us a little about the reason why you decided to Aupair

I absolutely love working with kids. I love spending time with them and caring for them. Getting to experience a year or two in another country is incredible. You learn and grow so much. You meet new people and learn about different cultures too.

What agency did you go through?

Au Pair in America

How did the process go for you? Was it easy and did you enjoy your process?

The process was a bit difficult. I did not have a lot of time to get my documentation in order and there was a lot of pressure since the family wanted me at a specific time but I managed to do it and it was so worth it!

How long did it take to get a family?

It took about a month.

What did you learn at orientation? (A lot of people think it is not worth it)

Honestly, I don’t think it is worth it either if you have done the program before. If not, you definitely learn a lot. They teach you child safety, give you tips on how to work with the kids and host parents. They also talk about traveling and saving money.

What do you regret packing and what do you wish you packed?

I regret packing for all seasons. You should only pack for the season you are arriving in!
I wish I packed more snacks from home!

Do you think that getting $195,75 is enough money per week?

Considering that we don’t have to pay for food or rent, yes it is enough if you manage it wisely.

When did you Aupair? And where?

Highland Falls, NY
North Salem

What has been the highlight of being an Aupair?

Being placed with the most incredible host family ever. They treat me like family and I have never been happier.

What was one negative thing about being an Aupair?

My schedule is a bit weird at times but we work around it.

Do you recommend being an Aupair?


Can you give a small summary of your week? When you worked etc

My schedule is usually Tuesday through Saturday but it all depends on the parent’s work schedule when they travel.

Final thoughts on AuPairing in America

If you liked Charlie’s story and want to talk about your experience, please let me know! I would love to talk to you about it!
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