Being Homesick! What To Do If You Feel Homesick

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Being homesick is a very normal thing that you will experience at least once in your Au Pair year. Whether it is in the beginning, after all the emotions and excitement has died down or whether it is 3 months; 6 months in or even when you’re almost home and the anticipation to go home is too much and you It is a very normal thing that happens to everyone. You may seem like you can’t bear with it and all you want to do is go home and be with your family. That is understandable but before you pack up your life, try some of these things. They might help you!

1. Get Out Of The House

Seriously though, get out of the house. Go take a walk in the park; sit and read a book somewhere. Sit at a coffee shop. Just get out of the house. One of the best things I did was go to the gym. Whether it was freezing outside or blazing hot, I went to the gym and worked out. It releases endorphins that boost your mood and it will make you feel better about yourself. Sometimes even walking around the mall can help you. I know we are all trying to save money but staying home when you feel homesick is not good for you. It makes you feel more depressed and sad.

2. Talk To Your Host Family And Counselor About It

Your host family will be understanding when it comes to you not feeling so great and missing home. They may give you some time off to feel better or help you with the kids a bit to relieve you of all the pressure. I know that doesn’t always happen but it’s important to let them know. Your LCC definitely knows how it feels as they have dealt with a lot of Au Pairs who have been through this. They can give you some advice or resources that will help you.


3. Limit Your Time Talking To Your Family And Friends Back Home

This is a tough one and I know that the whole reason why you are homesick is that you miss them so much! It’s important to go out and enjoy yourself and yes, update your family but not constantly. If you are constantly talking to them and watching their Instagram stories and posts, you will regret being in America and missing out on everything that is happening there. It will be for a limited time BUT you will be back with them and it will be okay to miss some things. 

4. Stay Off Social Media

Back to the previous point. Staying off social media will be better for you. At least for a while. Seeing all your friends and family having fun and enjoying life is hard when you are so far away so it’s important to limit your time on Instagram and Facebook, at least for now while you’re homesick. Being on social media will just make you sadder and wish you were there. 

5. The last thing

I would suggest is to get some snacks or food from your home country. You are in America, the chances of finding a restaurant or food from your home country are really high. Look up places local to you. You may have to order something off Amazon or another store that is dedicated to selling things from your country. You could also get your family to send you something. Having this will remind you of home and should make you feel better. It has always worked for me! 

Lastly, I would just say that being homesick is temporary and you will eventually feel better and enjoy life again. Remember it will just be for a limited time and you will be okay! 


If you have any more suggestions, please let us know down below and if you are currently homesick, let us know so we can support you! 


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