Meeting Your Host Family

Meeting your family can be very nerve-wracking. I know when I was waiting for my family I was freaking out. I got picked up at the hotel and so did a lot of other girls. Every time someone came in, every girl would hold her breath to see if it was their host family. It’s very intimidating but also quite hilarious looking back at it.

Whether you are meeting them at the hotel or they are picking you up somewhere else. It is important that you don’t get too nervous. Obviously you will be nervous but don’t get Justin Bieber coming on stage, you throwing up nervous. Yes, that has happened to someone while I was at his concert. Quite hilarious if you ask me.

If you don’t know whether to hug or shake hands, always hug. I guess that is just my personal opinion. When you see close friends and family, they generally hug you and give you a kiss on the cheek. I know in different countries, you do different things. In South Africa, you tend just to hug. In The Netherlands it’s three kisses, France it’s two and in South America, it is one. I suggest, just don’t kiss ha.

Remember to always give the kids a big hug and show them that you care about them. It can be very intimidating meeting a new Au Pair and also, they might not want to talk to you or say hi because they are scared or nervous. That’s totally okay too. Just go with the flow.

Also, American’s like to talk. They will ask you a billion questions and it’s important that you talk and answer them. Also, ask them questions. How was the ride over? How was school? Just keep asking and answering questions. It helps with the awkwardness of “OMG I AM LIVING WITH STRANGERS” lol

I hope this helps, it’s short and sweet but honestly, you just need to breathe. It will all be okay. I know I say that and you’re like meh, easier said than done. I have done this three times now and I PROMISE it will be okay!

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