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Aupair conversations are so important. You get to read about different Aupair’sand what they experienced Aupairing. It helps you make a decision on whether you want to Aupair or not. 

This week Aupair’s conversation is with Lauren, who is from South Africa. She is actually the reason why I finally took the plunge and applied to be an Au Pair, so thank you. 😉 <3

Tell us a little about the reason why you decided to Aupair

I made the decision to become an Aupair because I didn’t want to go straight from high school and into university and Au Pairing is a great way to travel and earn money!

What agency did you go through?

I went through OVC in Westville but in America, it was Aupair care. 

How did the process go for you? Was it easy and did you enjoy your process?

The process was easy but I procrastinated with typing out my profile and essay quite a bit so it made me leaving take longer.

How long did it take to get a family?

The family found me on Tuesday, we skyped on Thursday and by the Sunday we had made plans for me to move a month later

What did you learn at orientation?

I got first aid certified and learned a lot about the dos and don’ts regarding America. I definitely think orientation is worth it. I was 18 years old when I went and orientation helped me to be kind of prepared for when I went to the family. I would’ve been absolutely clueless otherwise.

What do you regret packing and what do you wish you packed?

I don’t regret packing anything but I wish that I got more for my loved ones. I didn’t save any money so I wasn’t able to get much.

Do you think that getting $195,75 is enough money per week?

I do, especially because you don’t pay rent or anything like that, your money is mostly just for you and $195 can go a long away in America but an increase wouldn’t be bad either haha.

When did you Au Pair? And where?

I was an Aupair from April 2013 until March 2015. I was in Arizona at first but that family didn’t work out so I moved to Michigan.

What has been the highlight of being an AuPair?

Becoming a part of an amazing family! I still keep in touch with them and they even paid for me to visit them in 2016. I also loved being able to travel and see all the new places oh my goodness and THE FOOD FOR SURE! (I miss Chipotle and Wendy’s so much! :()

What was one negative thing about being an Aupair?

Apart from missing home and all the important things that were happening, I think the fact that my host dad wasn’t a very good person sometimes affected things.

Do you recommend being an Aupair?

For sure! Even if it’s for 6 months, you’ll be glad you did it.

Can you give a small summary of your week? When you worked etc

My host dad was studying in Ohio (which was 4 hours away) to be a doctor so he’d be gone during the week and my host mom was an attending in a hospital. I’d take them to school and on 2 days a week, they’d have swimming and the other 2 days they have extra lessons at Kumon. They started school at 8:30 am and finished at 3 pm. If we weren’t at extra-murals or it was summer break we’d often go to the park or the library and go out as a family. I didn’t have too hectic a schedule though.

Final thoughts on Aupairing in America

I loved Aupairing in America and it was one of the best decisions that I’ve ever made! I saw and learned so much and honestly think it is such a good program. I recommended it to anyone that I can and am a little bit jealous that you get to go back and do it again 😉

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