Things American’s Do That Make NO Sense

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American’s are strange. I recently saw an article on Facebook that made me giggle and I thought I should add my two cents to it considering I have lived here for a while and I can let you know if it is true or not! The article is called “20 things American’s do in the movies that make no sense to the rest of the world” you can find it here.

1.Comparing things to football fields. American’s do that. Not so much in New York because although football is quite popular here, there aren’t too many around where I live so I don’t hear it too often but often enough. Who know’s how long a football field is? I don’t but apparently every American does lol! (For the record it is 160 feet which is 48,5 metres 😉 )

2.American’s don’t use paper bags that often. Well not in New York at least. Sometimes my Host Mom comes home with a paper bag INSIDE a plastic bag and I am like ?? WHY ?? It does not make sense. In the recent years however, with everyone being conscious of the plastic epidemic, there are more and more paper bags and reusable bags!

3.American’s who swallow pills without water. That is something that happens and if you can do that, WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH YOU?! Like seriously? How can you do that? How is that okay?! It is fairly common though which is so weird to me.

4.Red solo cups is a real thing! Why are they red? I don’t know. Do we have a mountain of red plastic cups at home for each time someone wants a plastic cup? Yea we do lol!

5. Hanging up the phone without saying goodbye. That is something that doesn’t happen a lot. I actually did experience this fairly recently and all I could think about is how rude that person was. Why did you do that? Why do you think that not saying goodbye is okay? Don’t be that person. Say goodbye!

6. Everyone seems to have a baseball bat for one reason or another and it is strange but yes, there’s always a baseball bat available in an American home 😉

7. American’s always have fresh coffee and it’s not because they brew it themselves. There is a rare chance that they do, but they mostly have freshly brewed coffee all the time because literally everywhere you go has fresh coffee for sale. Not to mention the fact that there is a Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts on literally EVERY.SINGLE.CORNER

8.American’s don’t always lock their doors or have keys for their house. Like that sounds completely strange right? I don’t actually think I have keys to my house (they may be on the car keys) but I always use the garage door because it’s just a click of a button for it to open. Personally, we always lock our doors but that is quite common.

9. American’s don’t unpack their Chinese food and yes, it actually comes in cardboard boxes. Is that weird? I haven’t had Chinese any other way lol.

10. American’s never take off their shoes when they come inside. This is the one that irks me so much. When you get dressed for the day, American’s put their shoes on and then continue wearing shoes the whole day?! They wear them inside the house, they don’t take them off when they come inside. It’s just strange to me and yes, even on the bed (ew!!!)

11.American’s don’t have kettles to boil water. Yes, you heard me. They don’t have kettles. They put water in a cup or something and microwave it until it is hot. Yes. Yes they ACTUALLY do that. Now listen, some people have kettles and that is flipping amazing but most people don’t. I think I was the most shocked about this when I first got here because kettles are so important and now we don’t have them. Like what?!

12.American’s care too much about Halloween. In fact, American’s care too much about any holiday and it is really cool but super annoying because celebrating every holiday can get pricey haha! Halloween is a very important holiday in America and it’s pretty cool to do especially if you have young kids that you look after.

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