Au Pair Conversations with Danielle

Every week we are going to be focusing on Au Pairs from different places and backgrounds and their thoughts on the whole program; what they learnt and if they recommend it at all! If you would like to feature, please contact us!

To start us off, we have Danielle who actually went to school with me! She is a lovely human and I thought she would be perfect to start off the series with. I hope you enjoy!

What agency did you go through?
I went through an agency called YDP.

How did the process go for you? Was it easy and did you enjoy your process?
The process was long. I felt like when making the video it would never end! Lol. It was easy though, and I
learnt a lot along the way. Even though, it took about 6 months to complete all the documents, it was all
worth it.

How long did it take to get a family?
It took about a year or so. I had a family that I was interested it and unfortunately it didn’t work out.
After that it took about another 6 months to find the next family.

What did you learn at orientation?
Honestly, I didn’t learn much as I had already done the first aid course. It felt like a repeat of what I had
learnt. It was good meeting other Au Pairs and exploring New York City.

What do you regret packing and what do you wish you packed?
I don’t regret packing anything, however, I do wish I packed more of the clothes I had bought instead of
leaving it behind.

Do you think that getting $195,75 is enough money per week?

When did you Au Pair? And where?
I Au Paired in April 2015 to October 2016. I Au Paired in Denver, Colorado.

What has been the highlight of being an Au Pair?
There were a few highlights of being an Au pair. A big highlight was having front row seats to Taylor
Swift and nearly being able to touch her. It was incredible! When my one-year-old (Libby) kid learnt to
walk. It was the most joyous sight seeing her face glow up because she has learnt something new. When
my three-year-old (Avery) learnt how to write her name. So many highlights with the girls and the family
to look back on. I went to a football game and it was such a wonderful experience. It started snowing
during the game. It was awesome! Another highlight would be travelling to so many States.

What was one negative thing about being an Au Pair?
Uhm, I am trying to think of one and I guess one negative thing about being an Au Pair is that sometimes
the family takes advantage of you. You feel obligated or want to help and go above and beyond and end
up putting yourself in a situation where you feel obliged to do it.

Do you recommend being an Au Pair?
I do recommend being an Au Pair. It is a wonderful way to learn about yourself and grow up. It
encourages you to do things you haven’t done before. One thing that I do recommend being an Au Pair
is that you need A LOT of patience. You need to have a love for children and spend every moment with
them. Being there with them to learn and grow.

Can you give a small summary of your week? When you worked etc
My week was a little crazy. Most days I worked from 7 am to about 5 pm, however, some days changed. I
would do the breakfast, lunch and dinner thing. Every Tuesday and Thursday was bath day for both kids.
Yes, they bath every second day due to the weather in Colorado being dry and in winter being too cold.
Babies skin is sensitive. Mondays were music class for Avery and Libby and I would spend that 30 mins at
the park down the road. Tuesdays were dance and Libby and I would chill in the car or watch Avery.
Wednesdays were art classes. During art classes myself and Libby would swim. Avery was very active
and enjoyed all her activities.

Obviously, Libby was younger, so she couldn’t partake in many of the
things Avery did. We would go to the park during the day if we didn’t want to spend time at home. We
would have snacks or lunch at the park. We would go to the zoo or to the children’s museum. We spent
a lot of time together, 45 hours per a week. Libby napped in the mornings that’s why I had time to spend
with Avery and do educational school work with her. After lunch both kids would go nap and I would
catch up on dishes, cleaning and washing of clothes. After nap time was over we would hang out
together and go play outside or play with friends. We did a lot of play dates, making pizza, cupcakes,
cookies, arts and crafts and just playing at one another’s houses.

Final thoughts on Au Pairing in America?
It was a fantastic opportunity. I learnt so much. I certainly came out of my shells and did things I
wouldn’t. I travelled so much by myself and with others. I met so many other Au Pairs and gained life
long friends. Most of my friends were Au Pairs. If I had the chance to be an Au Pair again I would
certainly take it! I would love to do an older age group as I have experienced the younger age group. I
would also Au Pair in a different State.

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